Ernesto Cabellos

Ernesto has produced and directed the feature documentary feature films “Choropampa” (2002), and “Tambogrande” (2007). He also produced “The Devil Operation” (2010), ‚Hija de la Laguna’ (2015). These award-winning films chronicle over 15 years of conflict between communities and mining companies in Peru. In 2009 Ernesto made “Cooking up Dreams”, a portrait of Peruvian society shown through its gastronomy. Ernesto’s documentaries have been selected in more than 150 international film festivals, obtaining 35 awards and distinctions, and broadcast on international television channels.
Apart from producing and directing film documentaries, Ernesto has taken a step into public speaking as a career. He has spoken to countless universitites and members of the public regarding his experiences and his films. Capturing peoples attentions not only through his camera lens but also through his words.

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