Bonia Barzycka – Bogdanik

Journalist and producer of television and film. Graduated from PWST in Wroclaw and Intercultural Communication in the field of
International Security at the National Defense Academy. Since then she has been cooperating with the biggest Polish channels for over a dozen years TV series. Polsat News, Polsat Play, TVP 1, TVP History, NEXT 3D in the field of the implementation of copyright programs, documentary films and information materials. Creators of such productions as „Elementia 3D „,” Af-Gun „, “Polo NEXT Club”, “ER-coming”. She has gained great experience on numerous live shows and feature films.
He also produces and directs commercials. For the past few years she worked as a production manager at Creatiff Garden.

[Tłumaczenie na język polski: Magdalena Birna]